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Thursday, September 6, 2012

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hello world it's me, Allison

Yes I know......I have totally ignored my blog for a few months.  I really thought that I would be able to keep it up and work.  Well we all know the answer to that! Lots has happened since I last wrote.  First and most important, I am still loosing weight.  I have not gained any back.  I'm down 50 pounds so far!  I'm at my half way mark.  The last 20 pounds has been very slow.  I have not be able to find time to work out like I was before.  But none the less I'm still eating very healthy and I really feel like I have made a lifestyle change.  It feels amazing!!!

I recently quit my job,  I know I only had it for about 3 months.  I hoped that I could keep it and find a way to work it in around Bryans nursing program and the kids school and pre school for Seth.  I had planned on finding day cared for Seth.  Well Bryans schedule ended up being very hard to work around and with the kids in school and the demands that brings and Seth in Pre school I just couldn't find a happy balance with my job,  I loved working there,.  If things settle down I might go back.  I love working.  I also love being home for my kids.  I love them knowing that I'm home and if they need anything I am here.  I love being able to take them to school and pick them up.  I love making them and after school snack and helping with homework.  Going to work is so much easier than being home but I know it will bless my kids and my husband.  I work for me really.  So I decided to not be selfish and take advantage of the opportunities we have right now. 

I also decided that since I need an out everyday that I would go back to school to get my cosmetology license.  I graduated from beauty school forever ago but never went and took the state test so I could be licensed.  I have finally realized that doing hair is really want I love to do.  So I am going back to school on September 17th.  I will only be doing 900 hours instead of the 2000 that I already did.  IN order to get grants I had to do at least 900 hours.  So I'm going part time from 5pm-10pm.  I am very excited!  It will give me the out I love and Bryan will be home from school when I go so I can still be apart of the stuff I love with my kids and not have to put them in day care.  So it will only take about a year and then I can work doing hair.  I'm so excited!!! 

So that's my plan B!  Not working and going to school at night.  It helps Bryan get through school without stressing about things at home because I am home to take care of it and then I'm here for my kids and that's how it should be.  I'm trying to get used to all the stay at home mom stuff again and trying hard to be better at it than I was last time. 

Heres to hoping I can keep it all together!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I guess I'm not Super Woman after all.

I have been neglecting my blog.  Poor thing!  Seriously this working stuff is hard!   I thought for sure I'd be able to keep it up!  I guess I'm not the wonder woman I thought I was!

So I am hoping that things calm down soon.  Right now I'm working from 7:30am to 4:30 pm.  Not bad right?  I don't mind these hours but here is the problem.  It leaves me no time for ME! Gosh!

I thought I could wake up at 5:00am and work out until 6:00am then get ready for work and go to work.  Then I could come home and play with my kids, cook dinner, blog, face book, watch TV, feed the homeless, make sweaters for the needy and stop the war in the middle east BUT unfortunately this is how my life had been going........... I wake up at 6:00 am still feeling very tired and wanting to hit the snooze button, take a shower and get ready for work, eat my toast, grapefruit and protein shake, make my lunch and go to work.  Then nine hours later I come home, eat the dinner my husband or my mother in law made (which is great because I don't love to cook) and then I sit on the couch and watch cartoons with my kids and sometimes fall asleep while watching cartoons.  Then I wake up, and go to bed!  What is my problem!  LUCKY for me I have not gained any weight back.  LUCKY for me I am still eating very very healthy!  I know it's the only thing saving my butt right now!

So here is my hope!  I hope once I am out of training that I start work later.  I've never liked working later but now with my new healthy life I have to make working out a priority!  So if I can go into work at the earliest 9:00am that will make a world of difference in my workout plans! I really am praying to get a later shift.

So there you have it!  I AM NOT SUPER WOMAN!  What was I thinking?!?!?!?!

Thanks for continuing to read my blog even thought I've been neglecting YOU my readers! I still love you like crazy and appreciate your love and support as I continue on with my goals and I WILL weight 150 pounds by February 2, 2013 only 85 pounds to go!!! 

Friday, June 1, 2012

News flash!

I have gone down 2 sizes!!!  I'm so excited!!!  And even that size is feeling almost to big! 

Here is an update on my new life as a working girl!

I just finished week two!  I passed my test!  Well I got 100% actually! I'm so smart!!! 

Two more weeks and I'll be completely out of training! I think I'm going to like this job.  I've made some new friends and absolutely love being back in a routine!  I'm packing a sack lunch everyday and so I eating great!  Love how I feel!!! 


My husband got accepted to the nursing program!  We are so happy!  That means in 18 months he'll have his RN.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I need to get my groove back!!!

It's been EIGHT days since I've worked out!!!  Yes you heard it right, EIGHT days!  I'm in desperate need of getting my groove back.  Here is what happened....EIGHT days ago I was sooooo sore!  I have been working on my running skills.  I have been walking up hill one mile and then running most of it down.  It's a nice steady incline, nothing serious.  But man oh man were my legs hurting!  I think my poor legs are wishing I'd miraculously drop 75 pounds over night so they wouldn't be in so much pain carrying all this body around!  Soon enough...soon enough.  But until then this slow and steady wins the race stuff sucks!  I've been at a stand still in my weight loss for a few weeks not which seems like forever!  During the biggest loser challenge in my community I was able to drop 30 pounds during the 9 weeks and then a week or two after but since then NOTHING!   I'm sure my EIGHT days of no calorie burn hasn't helped one little bit either!

So after being to sore to work out....I also started my new job!  I'm on day three of training and so far so good.  There are eighteen people in my training class.  Thirteen boys and five girls!  I think I'm the third oldest in the class!  So weird to feel old.  But everyone is always surprised that I am really as old as I am! So that is good right?!?!?!  Anyway, I know sit ALL DAY LONG!  I mean I did that most my life anyway but since my new healthy lifestyle, this sitting all day thing isn't playing in my favor!  So I definitely need to figure out a way to work in my work out.  Right now I have to wake up at 6:00am to get ready for work and to be there at 7:30am.  So if I workout I have to get up at FIVE IN THE MORNING!  I know, I know, it's not that early and I did it for 10 weeks during the weight loss challenge but now it's so hard!  I need to just get over it and do it!  Ok that's it, tomorrow morning I will wake up at FIVE IN THE MORNING and workout.  Deal? Deal.

On a good note.....I have been eating very healthy!  Still sticking to that great!!!  NO fatty food! It's temping to drink a Diet Coke or Diet Dr Pepper still but I'm holding strong.  It's been  103 days since my last drink!

 It's really fun for me to work and get to know new people.  I love people!  LOVE PEOPLE!  So I am looking forward to being a working woman again.  It works out well since my husband is out of school for the summer!  Then in the fall I'll need to find a daycare for my almost four year old since he's not in school full time yet.  But it will only be for a few hours a day.  So that won't kill anyone.

Well, there ya got it folks!  I'm a slacker BUT I will get my groove back and quick like FIVE O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING!!!  

Friday, May 18, 2012

Too Tired

Do you ever feel tired all the time?  I do!  I have known this about myself for quite sometime.  I used to think it was just in my genes to take naps.  My mom is a napper and I grew up taking naps.  But I have never gotten out of the habit or whatever it is!  Is it a habit or is my body really that tired.  I find myself going to bed around 10:30pm and I usually wake up at some point in the night and am up for an hour or so and then I can get back to sleep and then when I wake up around 7:00 am I don't feel rested.  By the time noon comes I would like a nap!  Is this normal?  I have told every doctor I ever seen that I'm always tired but nobody seems to be concerned.  So I keep just plugging along.  They usually check my thyroid and blood count and whatever else but nothing comes up abnormal.  I have always been good at taking vitamins.  I always take a multi vitamin as well as other vitamins.  Not sure why, I guess they are good for you.   So I hate that I'm always tired and I hate that I always want a nap.  Lucky for me or maybe it's not lucky but I have been able to take naps.  Whether or it's been when my kids are taking naps or if my husband is home watching the kids I have been able to nap.  I hate that its wasting time but I honestly can't function without it!  At least that's how I feel. I'm looking into supplements for my chronic fatigue or adrenal fatigue problem!  Anyone have any tips?  I have been eating great and working out for 3 1/2 months now and I'm still tired.  I do stress a lot and have major anxiety in lots of situations.  I wonder if that is causing my belly fat to stay put.  I wonder if I was less stressed out and had less anxiety if I would loos more weight!  I'm kind of at a stand still right now and it's frustrating.  I'm not gaining but I'm not loosing.  Time to switch it up a bit I guess.

So I'm starting a new job on Monday!  I'm pretty excited but worried.  I won't be able to take my mid day nap!  What will I do?!?!?!? LOL